“Please, make sure your seat back and tray table are in their full upright position.”


My name is Brett Kuhn, and I love adventure.

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Welcome, and thanks for joining me.

This blog will be a diary of my travels, as well as tips and tricks for traveling, photography, and functional style. I am excited to be sharing with you all and will be taking photos and making Vlogs to accompany my posts.

PNW vibes

This last year has been huge for me, My work with New Finish Restorations has allowed me to travel frequently, and living in Phoenix I have met some amazing people.

This summer though, is going to be epic! my calendar is full, and I have some great friends ready to experience it with me. from weekends camping in the mountains, to flights over seas, to race events and road-trips, stay tuned from some exciting stuff.

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Romans? sure. but what about the Calzones?

I recently returned from a trip to Europe with my good friend Zack ( @zackarimiller ) and will be writing a post about it soon. In the mean time take a look at this short video from my trip to Big Sur!   ( https://youtu.be/PESGFfWsBEc )

blog 3
“a pint’s a pound the world around” unless you’re in London then a pint will sent you back about £4

Last thing,  follow me on Instagram @_Ratkuhn to see whats upcoming and friend me on Facebook for music recommendations, bespoke pictures and more.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you soon!

blog 4
The sunny So Cal coast gets all the love, but rainy days in Big Sur are the real gems.

P.S all photos are taken by (or of) me. shout out to Zack Miller for the profile pics.

(he’s the best but you prolly already know that)


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Brett Kuhn

22, traveler. Just sharing the view from here. travel, drive, explore... take some photos and make friends along the way

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